Delivering Diversified Industrial Services

Our industrial cleaning service is renowned for excellence in providing specialized water-blasting services and applications. Through our cutting-edge hydro blasting techniques, we offer a range of options suited to fit any project’s needs, from 10,000 PSI all the way up to 40,000 PSI. Our team of expert technicians excels in taking on tough industrial challenges, quickly and efficiently catering to the requirements of our industrial and manufacturing clients.

By providing deep cleaning with specialized equipment, each surface can be reached to ensure that health and safety regulations are maintained and that equipment is operating effectively. Our clients often rely on our services to help them meet the standards needed to comply with regulations and laws. The importance of these regulations is why so many companies trust IAT’s trusted team of dependable employees. Ultimately, our goal is to always create safe and hazard-free work conditions for our employees and customers, as well as maintain our equipment so that it works safely, effectively and efficiently.

A Safety First Culture

At IAT, employee safety is always our number one priority. We use a multifaceted and progressive approach to addressing safety that starts before we even begin the job. Our health and safety plans are created with a keen eye for detail, meaning that supervisors can be confident that all processes have taken potential risks into account and inspired cost-effective solutions. This commitment to rigorous planning and oversight has earned IAT its reputation as one of the safest companies in the industry. When adequately prepared for work, personnel should go home at the end of their shift as safely as they arrived – no matter what the project may be or where it is located.

  • We have a commitment to employee training and development
  • We utilize state of the art equipment that minimizes risk

  • We have rigorous oversight on all jobs to ensure safety

  • Prior to each job we develop a safety plan for our team

Our Values.

IAT is committed to building a company that meets the specifications and achieves the objectives of our clients. In order to be successful in that mission, we hold true to our core values. These are key to our mutual success and are what inspires us each and every day to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Customer first

We strive to deliver the greatest possible client care and experience.


We maintain safety training and certifications to ensure that our team and clients are safe.


We’re only as good as our word and do what’s in the best interest of our clients, community, and team.


We consistently strive to be better stewards of our industry through innovation and development.